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As a child I always loved to explore my creative side, I was happy drawing, painting, sculpting and sewing.  However, school art lessons made me lose confidence and although I scored okay marks I was never top of the class like I was in the science subjects.  As a result, I chose GCSE and A Level options are science and maths and left my creative side behind.

A few years ago when I got diagnosed with a mental health condition I rediscovered this creativity and got involved in a mosaic project and also got back into painting and model making.  I have been making miniature doll houses now for a year and have accumulated a house full of art supplies!  I have also been using YouTube channels to learn painting basics but am now at a stage where I want to study and explore this further.

Currently my favourite medium is acrylic paints as I like the versatility, forgiven nature and the end result the paint produces.  I do feel drawing is one of my weaker areas and so am looking forward to the challenge and learning opportunities this first course in drawing with the OCA brings.

Author: claire516300

OCA Student. Currently studying Drawing 1

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