Paris of my Dreams – Afremov

Eager to get started on this new Drawing 1 course I am working through the OCA’s An Introduction to Studying in HE.  As I’m new to the art world of studying I am taking my time and working through the exercises as I think they will benefit me in the long run.  Part of the learning log section introduces you to the concept of analysing existing artists so I thought I’d have a go.  They recommend that you do this 2-3 times a week so there maybe a few more posts on these lines…..

The first step is to collect some images of work you’re interested in and take some notes.  My first panic happened as I know what sort of work I like to look at but I’m really not an expert in artist names or analysing paintings.  So, google images was my friend and I stumbled across this piece by Afremov ( which grabbed my attention:

The piece grabbed me for a few reasons:  the colours, the beautiful city of Paris which I visited this summer and the overall visual impact of the piece.  It made me recall happy memories of the summer and the sky colours reminded me of fireworks, again something that brings happy memories.
The piece:
Title – Paris of my Dreams
Artist – Leonid Afremov
Media – oils and palette knife on canvas
The colours are the most visually striking part of the image, the mix of yellows, reds, oranges interspersed with cooler blues, greens and turquoises all with a night blue background.  Your eye is drawn to the Eiffel tower which seems to glow in the picture as though lit up at night.  There is a hint of a reflection and very sharp straight lines of the gardens below the tower to contrast with the more informal sky.  Perspective is used to draw your eye in towards the centre-piece but it’s hard to concentrate on just the tower with such an elaborate sky.
The artist is picturing Paris in a fun, vibrant way reflecting the city of lights and captures the nighttime part atmosphere.  It certainly seems a city full of life and extravagance.  
The Eiffel tower is such an iconic landmark that it is difficult to capture it’s radiance and prowess you feel when you visit it for real.  I think the artist here captures that feeling very well and makes the tower look as regal in the painting as it does in real life.  


Author: claire516300

OCA Student. Currently studying Drawing 1

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