Temporary Drawings – Warm up exercise

The idea is to create something playful, fleeting and temporary.  I tried a few things out throughout various points of the day.  My first attempt was a drawing in the steam on the bathroom glass, it reminded me of something I used to do as a child so I drew a very child-like smiling face.  Unfortunately it did not photograph well with the lighting in my bathroom but it was fun if not THAT temporary as the marks were clearly visible much later in the day.

My second attempt was whilst I was sorting out a pot of loose change.  I’ve always reflected on this idea of money not buying happiness or love so I created a heart out of a pile of coins:

I found this quite difficult to be ‘playful’ in though as I wanted to make sure all the coins were exactly symmetrical and had to fight hard to make sure they weren’t all facing the same way!
In order to get a bit more movement and freedom I tried something much more fluid.  As I was making my afternoon coffee I tipped some out onto a kitchen board:
Then using a cocktail stick I played around with the grains, moving them, squashing them.  It felt much more child-like and reminded me of playing with sand or soil, making pictures in those.  

To experiment a little more I added some water from the kettle and watched as my rearranging was disrupted:

This was my favourite of the three experiments.  I liked the mix of browns in the final result and the aroma was an added bonus.  It reminded me of the sea coming in to wash away the hard work of building a sandcastle.  


Author: claire516300

OCA Student. Currently studying Drawing 1

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