Project 1, Exercise 2 reflections

This exercise was all about experimenting with texture, I did so using a variety of different materials in my sketchbook.  Details of which can be seen here.

Overall, I am fairly satisfied with the results but I also feel I have a lot more experimenting to do in this area.  The frottage was an interesting experiment with mixed results, some of the textures didn’t show well at all with the graphite and paper I used.  The sketches themselves again are mixed.  Some of the textures I feel I captured well like the softness of the wool but others I feel I was concentrating too much on making a sketch that looked like the object instead of just focusing on the texture itself.

I learned that sometimes you get better results by narrowing in on one small aspect of an object rather than trying to look at the object as a whole.  I feel I got better results with the orange skin when I did this and took time to look really closely and feel the texture rather than looking at the whole fruit.  I also tried some new mediums like a new ink and new water soluble pastels.

I don’t think I really took enough time to feel the objects and their textures before drawing them.  I concentrated on too much what the texture looked like rather than using a mix of senses to get a feel of the texture before trying to draw it.  If I were to repeat this I would try to draw what I felt alongside what I saw.  In fact this is something I think I will try very soon.

I stepped out of my comfort zone slightly as I do usually portray texture with layers of paint and so this made me concentrate on the 2D representation of texture.  It has also made me research more about texture in paintings and drawings and how different artists show this.  I do need to put into practice and experiment with techniques I have read about more.

I think this exercise is helping to improve my drawing and alongside the first exercise on emotions my drawings are becoming more expressive rather than just flat copies of what I see.  This is something I plan to use more of in the future.  I now need to focus my research on textures and apply some of these techniques in my sketch book.  I would also like to repeat some of the drawings focusing more on how an object feels rather than just looks.

When I started this exercise I was a little unsure of the direction to go in but now I feel like I understand more of the importance of texture and how to show it in drawings and paintings but also feel I have a long way to go!


Author: claire516300

OCA Student. Currently studying Drawing 1

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