Reflections on Project 2.

Project 2 was all about shapes and fundamental form.  In it I have practised drawing various 2D and 3D shapes, put groups of objects together to look at the shapes they make, the spaces between them and how they impact on each other with shadows, I have also experimented with tone and used various media to depict these tones and shadows.

I feel like this project has been a mix of success and failure.  I feel more confident in sketching the different shapes now and have practised ellipses in particular and my cylinders have improved as a result.  I experimented with backgrounds for the group of objects which didn’t go that well, the acrylic paint was too smooth to get good sketch on top and the paint was too dark at the top of the paper.  I feel like my charcoal sketches have gone well, I can produce much looser emotive marks with that than with the pencil which seems to hold me to perfectionism too much.

I have learned a great deal.  I now appreciate the importance of ellipses and drawing realistic cylinders.  I have learned to be looser and more free in my marks and I have learned to look at negative space between objects as well as the shape of the actual object.

If I were to repeat this I would spend more time with different backgrounds, try different papers.  I am also not happy with my hatch marks and feel like they need to be more fluid in the future.  I need to experiment more with these marks and try different types of pencil to do this particularly with length of mark and pressure applied.

I have achieved confidence with working on a larger scale and with media like charcoal that I don’t normally use.  Using charcoal is something I am going to take forwards in the future.  I have also learned to look closer at the tones, shadows and reflections objects make.  This awareness of tone has helped me to make more natural looking drawings.

I have used the tips in the course handbook to half close my eyes to look at tone and to not concentrate on details but look at the object overall to get the tones and shadows.  I have also taken note of the tip about not outlining shadows as this is something I have done in the past.  I feel like these have helped me to become a better drawer and will reflect in my paintings too.

In the future I plan to experiment more with these marks, use the techniques in my painting too.  I also plan on sketching more everyday objects as highlighted in the still life documentary I watched: sometimes regular overlooked objects produce the best ideas.

Overall I feel like my work is improving, this has made me focus on tones and shadows but I feel like I still have a long way to go.


Author: claire516300

OCA Student. Currently studying Drawing 1

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