Exercise 4 – Shadows and reflected light

I placed two reflective objects  next to each other and light with a strong light from one side.  The two objects were a black shiny sewing case and a white shiny container.  I just used a charcoal stick on A2 paper and did no sketch in pencil first, just used the charcoal to try and create the long lines.  Although it was a very quick drawing (and I might still come back to improve it) I found using the charcoal combined with a putty rubber effective at creating the tones and reflections.

img_20161203_161229I used the charcoal stick in a variety of ways, as it was a large drawing I used sweeps of the full length, this worked okay but evident in the drawing are areas where the stick has skipped across bumps in the paper.

I found the reflections and shadows work interesting as it made m look very closely at the tones on the sewing box.  I feel like I have started to grasp drawing shiny objects with reflections and looking at the reflected shadows too.


Author: claire516300

OCA Student. Currently studying Drawing 1

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