Project 1 – reflections

I was a little confused with the instructions for this section and so I did a mismatch of different media and concentrated on two types of natural object: shells and oranges.  In the end I drew a set of 3 oranges with coloured pencils.

The coloured pencils were effective at layering up colours and showing the multitude of different oranges, reds, yellows and browns in the fruit.  I felt like I showed the individuality of each of the 3 fruits, how they were not a standard orange or perfect spheres.

I am pleased with my final piece but I don’t think I have experimented enough with different marks and textures.  I need to do some more work in this area.

I did learn to read instructions more carefully before starting as this would have allowed more focused work and allowed for more development time.

If I were to repeat this, and I probably will repeat it, I would concentrate more on experimenting with marks rather than focusing on the end result.  I don’t think I did this part of the task effectively and having looked at other students work on their blogs I am inspired to try this again.  I would stick with one media and just work on using that media in a different way,

I have achieved my first use of colour in this course.  I am used to dealing with colour from a painting perspective but haven’t really used colour in terms of crayons and pastels much before so it is all a big learning experience!

I don’t really think I have linked theory and practice very well in this section and it something I will try and do more of in Project 2.  I did enjoy looking at how artists use negative space and I did consider that when I was building my compositions with both the shells and the oranges.  I have also read a lot about colour theory in the past and so utilised this on knowing how to blend different shades for the oranges.

In my future pieces I will build upon this use of colour and experiment more with mark making and compositions.  This is exciting for me as I think it will lead my paintings to become more unique to me as I will have my own story in each of them.