A poem by Shiloh Sophia

You don’t have to trust the process.

You just have to keep moving forward

through the fear.

If we had certainty,

if we could control the outcome

the risk wouldn’t be there

and without the risk

the growth does not run deep.

And believe me, it would

not be nearly as fun, or

transformative. I try

not to promise trust,

or safety. Art is not safe

at all. That is what you can

trust, it will take you into

dangerous territory, but,

you won’t be harmed.

Honor your instincts

instead of your controlling nature.

Stop trying to understand,

to grasp, to know, to get the

hang of it. Really, stop it.

The true work will often

feel like you are about

to start flying, lifting off.

Feels like bliss and

throwing up all at once,

enjoy the uncertainty of the ride.

Stop trying to predict or

create the outcome.

Stop convincing yourself

you have to trust and be fearless.

You don’t.

There is a new story,

the only storyline is this one:


That’s it. That is how you

will get where you need to go.

Stop requiring so much

security during your process.

Let the freefall be your lover.

The feeling of no bottom be

welcome. Welcome the sense

that you won’t get this one right.

Welcome the UH-OH at the

beginning of almost

every stroke. Release the

need to dominate. Submit.

Let the process completely make

you come undone so that

you drop your ribbons

to the floor and laugh

and cry and lay your

head upon your creation.

Keep the dialogue happening,

talk out loud if you need to.

Talk to the muse as if

she could really hear you. She can.

By allowing the fear to

be there without stopping

your work, the chatter

will not cease, but it will

change. You are the overcomer now.

You are an unstoppable creative.

You don’t have to trust the process.

Just don’t put that brush down.

Don’t put it down. Listen.

Allow yourself to get scared to life

instead of scared to death.

Don’t step back from the flame.

Lick the fire. Be burned if you have to.

And put the ashes into the creation.

All of it, every fear and wound,

becomes useful here.

Desire trumps the need to trust.

If you are not shaking in your boots

you haven’t even arrived yet.

Shiloh Sophia