After Pollock – Art Monthly article

In this month’s Art Monthly is an article entitled ‘After Pollock’.  It is an incredibly interesting article that fundamentally asks the question ‘is anyone interested in Pollock anymore?’.  Well I certainly am!  In a way the article answers its own question as it highlights three current exhibitions that examine the hidden processes of persuasion that surround Abstract Expressionism and those that wish to counter such rhetoric.

As I have a partner from the USA, I have a interest in American history and so found this article appealing on this level too.  It touches the politics of the cold war era and the role of artists in propaganda during the time but also the rebellion of artists against that too.  An interesting point raised is that some of the abstractness could have arisen from a fear of prosecution if artists were seen to be supporting communist ideals.  Therefore they painted in a much more ambiguous way with hidden meanings rather than direct ones.  It would be interesting to research if this is still the case in the current political climate, certainly with the likes of I, Daniel Blake it seems that people aren’t afraid of showing their political ideals through their work but I wonder if this is the case worldwide.


Art Monthly (402) ‘After Pollock’.  P5-8