Exercise 1 – Experimenting with expressive lines and marks – SADNESS

Words: despair, lifeless, death, unwanted, slipping away, sneaking up, pulling you in, out of control
The last choice of emotion was our own free choice.  I decided to to ‘sadness’ as a complete contrast to joy.  I actually found this one easier to do than my joy one.
Again, I stuck with the same four media and the same order of application.
Top Left:  I started off with a single line across the middle of the rectangle then started drawing some lines close to the original but others moving much far away and getting lighter and more sparse.  Almost like the sense of life moving away from you and slipping away over the horizon.  To me this is what sadness can feel like sometimes, like you are a spectator in life not a participant and you have no control over what direction life is going in.
Top Right:  A similar theme is continued with the idea of life dropping out of existence like you can’t hold on to it anymore.  The fluid paint was ideal for this as it was easier to get this running away and dripping effect.
Bottom Left: A slightly different idea came to me and I wanted to try and portray this idea of darkness dragging you in, like a black hole that sometimes no matter how hard you try you can’t escape its effects.  Being sucked in to dark thoughts and again feeling like you can’t control them.
Bottom Right: This one was a natural line that evolved into something as I thought more about how sadness can feel.  It can sneak up on you like a small stream of thoughts to begin with but as those thoughts build to a huge raving river that drowns you in them.  I also decided to leave the blackness very uneven and not a solid colour as sadness is not one solid emotion, you do have times where it is slightly darker and times of lightness interspersed.