Exercise 1: Groups of Objects


A2 size – soft graphite stick and white chalk on a painted acrylic background.

This exercise asked us to choose at least six objects of different shapes and sizes, a mixture of regular shapes and irregular shapes and draw the image on at least A2 size.

I started with just sketching some basic shapes in my large sketchbook:

Just playing around with different shapes and materials.  The materials used were a selection of graphite pencils, charcoal sticks, pastels and watercolour pencils.  I also experimented with some different fixing mediums on this page with varying success!
My next step was to pick some objects at random and play around with arrangements on the table.  I did a quick sketch just of the layout:
After reading the exercise instructions again I read that it wanted us to make expressive marks but I was struggling as I didn’t feel any connection to the objects at all.  There was no theme linking them and so I decided to change around some of the objects.  The objects I kept were all calming objects for me so I added in some extra calming things like a journal and extra candle and holder.
Sketch of second group of objects.
After finalising the layout I did some practise sketches of the individual objects, just using pencil.
I then decided on a background and sticking with the calm theme chose colours that I find calming, I also wanted a bit of interest in the back ground so decided on a varied acrylic background.
The final piece was drawn over a few sessions using graphite sticks to try and get quite soft outlines to try and express the calmness.  As the background was quite dark in places I then used a small amount of white chalk to try and pick out some highlights.
In the final piece some areas are more detailed than others but I tried not to focus too much on the colour and tone but just on the different shapes I could see.